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  • What are BAFCO candles made of?
    BAFCO candles are a blend of mostly soy wax, cotton wicks and natural dyes
  • How do you make them?
    BAFCO candles are made from found-objects/figurines which we use to make custom molds and custom candles
  • How do you choose which figures you turn into candles?
    Figurines are mostly thrifted. Sometimes they are gifted to us or found in other ways
  • Do the candles have specific meanings?
    Not really. We think of them as flexible containers, with the understanding that certain candles/colors/figures will mean different things to different people
  • What size are your candles?
    Candles are loosely grouped into categories of Small/Medium/Large
  • My candle is different from the one in the picture.
    BAFCO candles are hand-poured and thus subject to minor discrepancies
  • My candle is too pretty I can never burn it.
    That's okay
  • I want to burn my candle. Suggestions?
    Great. BAFCO candles are very drippy.. it's part of the fun. We suggest burning on a broad heat-resistant surface like a plate or tray. Trim wick to ¼ inch before lighting. Wicks run all the way through the candles so keep an eye for when it’s time to blow them out. ***Please use common sense fire safety: burn your candle away from pets, children, drafts, flammable materials etc. Never leave a candle burning unattended***
  • What is the burn time on my candle?
    Burn times range from candle to candle depending on size/formal variability
  • I burnt my candle and it dripped. What do I do?
    Let the wax cool then use a scraper/scraper-like thing (ex. credit card) to lift the wax.
  • How long before my BAFCO order arrives?
    We aim for a one week turn around between orders received and orders shipped, plus the time it takes for shipping. Often it is less, and sometimes it is more. If it is a lot more we will be in touch.
  • My candle shipment arrived broken.
    We do our best to package candles with utmost care but sometimes the mail breaks us. If your candle arrived damaged please send a pic to and we will happily replace or refund.
  • What is a ‘Blu Angel’?
    A ‘Blu Angel’ is the term for lighting a fart on fire.
  • Do you do scented candles?
  • Do you do wholesale orders?
    Yes- please send wholesale inquiries to
  • I have an idea for something I would like to turn into a candle. Is this possible?
    Yes...some formal limitations apply. Be in touch with your ideas-
  • Where can I find you online? is our web-based home-base. Follow us on Instagram @bluangelflameco
  • Where can I find you in person?
    Find us irregularly at pop ups happening in and around Western Mass. Find a selection of BAFCO offerings at 'Assemble' in Northampton, Mass. More soon! (3).gif
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